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What is Rock Tape or Kinesio Tape?

Kinesiology Taping (aka kinesiotaping) has been around since the 1970's, first invented by Japanese Chiropractor Dr. Kenzo Kase when he began searching for a tape that would help facilitate the healing process of injuries rather than just immobilizing them like traditional sports tape does. One of the key actions of kinesiotape is that is provides a subtle lifting effect on the skin, allowing circulation to continue through the injured area and helping the healing process. If an injured area is immobilized and unable to move, it can become congested with fluid and swelling which does not allow for proper healing!


Movement is our way of keeping the fluid in our bodies moving! 


Rock Tape was inititally developed to stick better and last longer than any other kinesiology tape on the market. They began to market "Fascial Movement Taping", where the primary goals is to foster proper movement in the people using Rock Tape, whether that is through treatment of acute injuries, use in chronic cases or for prevention, performance improvement, and training. It also comes in all sorts of fun colors and patterns!



Visit the Rock Tape website for more information! 

How RockTape Works!



Dr. Treva utilizes RockTape in several different ways in the clinic for their patients. There are several different payment options for RockTape-we can bill your insurance, we can charge a small cash fee per application, or we can even show you how to apply the tape yourself and you can buy a roll of tape for $20 at Aligned Modern Wellness to use whenever you'd like! Ask us about it today!






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