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Patient Stories

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What pain/condition brought you to AMW?
Our daughter Ava was suffering from severe acid reflux and colic

How long have you had the pain/condition?
She has them since 2 weeks old

Was the problem constant or did it come and go?

What other treatments did you receive for the pain/condition?
She also underwent invasive testing to check for anything surgery could fix, and several medications

How was the problem affecting your quality of life?
anytime Ava was awake she was crying/screaming in pain and discomfort

When did you start your care here at AMW?
June 2015

How has AMW helped you?
Dr. Treva was our main provider. Since Ava's first visit, we only saw drastic improvements in Ava. After each session, Ava's crying became less and less and now we have a happy, thriving baby!

What is your feeling of our practice from an overall point of view?
Nothing short of amazing. This practice and staff is top notch!

Is there any particular experience with us that made you very happy?
From day 1 we have been very happy with our experience. Dr. Treva was/is very patient and calming with Ava. Ava's face lights up when both Dr. Treva and Dr. Kelley walk in the exam room.

Please describe one or two benefits you received from us that you value the most and how they improve your life.
We received treatment for infant acid reflux and colic and it gave us sanity again! We now have a happy, healthy little girl and I 100% believe we have Dr. Treva and Dr. Kelley to thanks!

What advice would you give to someone with a problem similar to ours?
Anyone who is in the position we were in as parents are at their wit's end and have nothing to lose by trying chiropractic care. We tried everything our pediatrician and GI specialists told us. Tried endless formulas, medications, and tricks. The ONLY thing that helped us was seeking out care @ AMW. We wish we would have found you guys before Ava had to endure everything she did. We cannot thank you enough for giving us our lives back!
Posted By: Nicole Grove
I came for a massage with Cindy at Aligned Modern Wellness for pain that has been bothering me for a long time. She was great, as was everyone else in the office! The massage was a major help, very relaxing, and I felt fabulous afterwards!
Posted By: Rose Kelley
Awesome place here! Thank you for letting us go here!
Posted By: Jaidon K (age 8)
Dr. Treva and Dr. Kelley provide excellent care in a relaxing and supportive environment. Their office is family friendly allowing my daughter to attend appointments with me. Dr. Treva has helped me for over a year and has also adjusted my daughter. The kid's exam room is fun and Dr. Treva is very gentle and kind, making it a positive experience for the whole family.
Posted By: Jennifer N.
I began receiving care with Dr. Treva in 2013 for neck pain, low back pain, and pain down my left leg. I was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 11 and have always had back pain since that time. The pain was always there but some days were worse than others. The pain was so bad; it affected all aspects of my life. I learned to fight through the pain for work, but my sophomore year of college, it forced me to quit my passion of ice hockey. I couldn't do chores and had night that I couldn't sleep. I tried physical therapy, medication, and cortisone shots with only temporary relief of pain and symptoms.

Since beginning treatment with Dr. Treva, I can work out again and my sleep is significantly improved. Prior to starting care with Dr. Treva, I was also struggling with anxiety and depression (mostly due to lack of sleep and therefore no energy). I feel 10 times better and have more energy! Having more energy is HUGE for me and I love that I can sleep again! I also love generally feeling better about myself and the healthy holistic approach. The feeling of relief after an adjustment and the therapy afterward is so relaxing. I love the feeling of happiness when I leave.
Posted By: Kelsey H
We first came to see Dr. treva when my 8 week old daughter was having acid reflux issues and was colicky. She would cry in the car seat and would not sleep on her own. Due to her condition my husband and I were always in a bad mood and were always frustrated. It started when she was 3 weeks old and we found out about Dr. Treva when my daughter was 5 weeks old. Some things we had tried previous to seeing Dr. Treva included gas drops, but those didn't help. My daughter is now 3 months old and is sitting in the car, sleeping on her own, and she doesn't scream as much when getting her diaper changed. She overall seems much happier. We truly believe that Dr. Treva has brought peace back into our home and we now can truly enjoy our baby
Posted By: Navdeesh
Our family began coming to Dr. Treva in the summer of 2011. My husband and I began seeing Dr. Treva because of neck and back pain that we were experiencing. The pain we were experiencing came and went. We had tried medications to relieve us from our pain, but it did nto work. It limited our physical activity and getting comfortable was also difficult. Since beginning care with Dr. Treva, we have fnot only received effective adjustments, but we also received educational information on how to stay healthy for the rest of our lives.

Our daughter, who is a toddler, has also received care from Dr. Treva. She had suffered from ear infections and was always prescribed an antibiotic. Her ear infections not only made her uncomfortable, but they interfered with her sleep and overall health and well-being. We received information from Dr. Treva on ehalthy, natural alternatives to antibiotics to help with her ear infections.

Chiropractic is a natural way to approach your health. I would recommend it to anyone who is sufferign from similar problems our family has experienced. Chiropractic has made our family healthier and happier!
Posted By: Brooke N
I started care with Dr. Treva in August of 2010 because I was having constant low back pain that I have had for many years. This low back pain was very painful and I had to take pain medication before going to work and to sleep. Before coming to Dr. Treva, I had received physical therapy and medications for the pain, but nothing seemed to work. The overall wellness philosophy with Dr. treva has been great and the office is very professional, yet a very family oriented environment. The office makes me feel like I am part of a family right when I walk in. After receiving care from Dr. Treva I have less pain, an improved mood and an overall better well being.

My advice for other with low back pain: "have an initial consultation with Dr. Treva, it most likely will change your life."
Posted By: Karlene
Our family first began to see Dr. Treva when my youngest son was having trouble getting to sleep and wanted to be held with constant movement all the time. This was very difficult for my family, especially because I have two boys under two and a husband on 2nd shift. Since our family has been coming to Dr. Treva, my youngest son is more easy going and both he and my other son (who used to bang his head as a toddler) have had very few ear infections. Generally, we can keep on top of head colds, so they don't get too severe, by going to a chiropractor. We now seldom see a doctor for any illnesses and my children do not complain of any headaches nor does my oldest son bang his head anymore.

My family and I love visiting the chiropractor and would recommend to anyone that has a child who is fussy, colicky, or had any problems from birth
Posted By: Rebecca
We first came to see Dr. Treva because our son was wetting the bed quite often. His problem made nights and sleeping difficult for the entire family. He wasn't able to have sleepovers with friends and that made it even harder on him. His pediatrician tried him on a nasal spray and we stopped giving him milk at dinner, but he continued to have the problem.

His problem came and went, but before long he was cured. We were so impressed with his care that our whole family now sees Dr. Treva once a week. Over the past 3 years, chiropractic care has improved quality of life. We have learned many things about natural care and how to do better exercises so we can continue to be healthy.

I recommend Dr. Treva to anyone complaining of aches and pains. She cured my severe neck pain and has also helped our family eliminate bad colds and if we do get sick, it is for a shorter amount of time. The wellness plan at the clinic keeps us on a budget so we can continue our care.

"Go see a chiropractor! It will definitely help you feel better without drugs or surgery!"
Posted By: Rachel
I began care with Dr. Treva because by baby was breech. I was concerned that if the baby didn't turn I would have to have a C-section. Dr. Treva used the Webster Technique to turn the baby within a couple of treatments. I continued seeing her throughout my pregnancy and also benefited with relief of pregnancy-related back pain.

I was VERY happy that Dr. Treva was able to help me. Chiropractic care is great, after your alignment you feel relaxed. Go see Dr. Treva! She is great, has a warm inviting personality and you know that she really cares.
Posted By: Heidi
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