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Massage Therapy

massage2Here at Aligned Modern Wellness, we have a wonderful Licensed Massage Therapist.  Barb focuses mainly on therapeutic massage, to release your tight and tense muscles while improving circulation and melting away tension, leaving you calm and rejuvenated. For our expecting mothers, she offers prenatal* massage. 

Our prenatal massage is tailored to meet the unique needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies. Specially designed to release tensions and muscle fatigue with focus and care on the specific muscles that are responsible for supporting the pregnant stomach. It is a relaxing experience that can increase your enjoyment of pregnancy and improve both your health and the childbirth experience.

Dr. Treva works closely with them to ensure that your Chiropractic Care and Massage go therapeutically hand in hand.  Our massage therapists are willing to work with everyone's needs on the table. Additional services include hot packs, as well as, aromatherapy may be added at an additional charge.  Please see fees below.



Your FIRST 60-minute massage is only $50!


Regular Prices:


30 minutes....$35

60 minutes....$65



3-60 minute massages....$170

6-60 minute massages....$310

8-30 minute massages....$210

4-30 minute massages....$115


Chair Massage: 

One 15-minute....$15

One 30-minute...$30

Four 15-minute Package....$55

Four 30-minute Package....$112


Add Ons & etc: 




*please note that tips can only be in cash or check, we do not accept credit card tips


Massage Hours:

Availability of therapists may vary from schedule listed above. Please call the office (or email us) to verify availability.

Monday 1pm-6pm

Tuesday 10am-1pm

Wednesday 1pm-530pm

Thursday 1pm-6pm

 *Special Notes:  A note from your doctor is required prior to our massage therapists performing a prenatal massage.


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