Nutritional Counseling

nutritionOur nutritional counseling is focused on addressing your issues from a holistic perspective, to determine the root causes and not to just treat the symptom. Dr. Treva has received a certification in Nutrition and uses it to advise patients on various supplements to add to their wellness regimen so that their body is functioning at its highest ability. We have several natural options for pain management and musculoskeletal health that we use often in conjunction with our chiropractic treatments. We also have food allergy testing available to ensure that particular allergens are treated and eliminated from your diet to function properly. We also use a wide range of nutritional supplements from well-respected brands in the field such as Nutri-Dyn, Orthomolecular, and more.

Common problems that functional nutrition can help with:
1.    Autoimmune disorders
2.    GI complaints
3.    General inflammatory conditions
4.    Fatigue
5.    Weight related conditions