Services & Techniques

spinesuccess-lgChiropractic care


Chiropractic care at Aligned Modern Wellness focuses on the interplay of the nerves, muscles, and bones within your body. All of these systems depend on each other to work properly to ensure that your body is functioning at its highest potential.  Read More






massage-therapyMassage Therapy


Here at Aligned Modern Wellness we have an amazing Licensed Massage Therapist, Barb. Barb focuses mainly on therapeutic massage, to ensure that your tight and tense muscles relax at the same time relaxing your mind and spirit. Read More



nutrition2Nutritional Counseling


Our nutritional counseling is focused on addressing your issues from a holistic perspective, to determine the root causes and not to just treat the symptom. Read More



 yoga outdoorsYoga @AMW

Both Dr. Treva feels very strongly that yoga and exercise can play an integral role in your journey to wellness. We have different varieties of yoga classes to fit anyone's preference. Read More