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Corporate Wellness

Help your staff live healthier lifestyles by giving them an opportunity to learn about various healthcare topics or relax with a massage. Aligned Modern Wellness has a few different options of events we can provide for your office at little to no cost to you. See the various options below.


Corporate Wellness Presentations

Have Dr. Treva come in and talk to your office on a topic for 30 minutes over breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack/coffee, or dinner. Topic can be your choice, but here are some options: Posture, Office Ergonomics, Healthy Eating, Intro to Chiropractic, Avoiding Injuries, and more! 

You pick the date and time and we will provide promotional flyers and food for up to 20 people. 


Athlete Awareness

 With her knowledge of athletic injuries, rehab, and more, have Dr. Treva come in and talk to your team or group of athletes about common injuries in your sport, how to prevent them, and how to maximize performance.  Posture and gait analysis can be included as well with the presentation and how it can affect athletic performance.

It will be a hands-on, interactive class for 30-60 minutes. 

 You pick the date and time and we will provide promotional flyers and take-home handouts for all the participants. 


Please call us at 414.235.8740 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.if you are interested in any of these opportunities. 



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New patients receive free spinal consultation.

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3D Patient Education

Interactive 3D Education. Subluxation, Degeneration and Nervous System Interference.


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